Let’s Reimagine City Park together!

The City of Portsmouth is seeking public involvement in the development of a master plan to guide the phased renovation of City Park, and we want your input. 


City Park is Portsmouth’s largest and most visited park. The City is in the process of creating a master plan that will guide future improvements to the park. As a citizen your input is critical to this process to ensure the park includes the amenities and spaces most important to the community.

The city and planning consultant have narrowed down to three City Park master plan options based on your valuable input and feedback over the last year.

Watch a presentation about the two concepts

Frequently Asked Questions

A park master plan provides a long-range vision for the phased development of a park based on public input and identified community needs. The master plan will provide future direction for renovation and development of City Park. The City of Portsmouth is developing a master plan to ensure that future investments and improvements are made with community needs and desires in mind.

The master planning process will include input from the community to determine needs and desire of residents. The process includes evaluation of existing park elements, public engagement and input, and analysis of opportunities and constraints for future development. Results will include recommendations and cost estimate for the phased renovation of the park. A final master plan document will be produced and provided for public review and comment prior to City Council approval.

Public engagement is critical to the success of this master plan. The City encourages residents to review materials included on this website, participate in upcoming public events, and provide input through answering questions and posting comments.

The City and consultant team is aware that public engagement may be impacted due to recent events and has developed an engagement process that will provide opportunities online and in-person under safe conditions. The planning team appreciates your participation and encourages you to let other interested parties know of the opportunity to participate in this important project.

The City of Portsmouth has hired Kimley-Horn to lead the master planning process.

The consultant team is working with City staff to complete the master planning process. Targeted approva of the master plan report by City Council is in 2023.

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